• Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • GMO Free
  • Paleo, Keto, Macro Friendly Dieting
  • Healthy Snacking
  • Plant Based Protein

About Us

You’ll love our foods that are gluten free, soy free, nut free; and mostly dairy free. Hemp seeds are our niche. They’re the ultimate in plant based nutrition; a complete plant-based protein providing 20-amino acids. That’s more digestible protein than meat, fish, eggs, cheese, or cow’s milk. They’re chocked full of essential fatty acids, tons of vitamin; and a multitude of minerals. Their complex carbohydrate helps to regulate blood sugar; promote weight loss and they’re anti-inflammatory.

Our mission – to Provide Better Access to Better Healthful Food Choices

It started in 2008 with a goal to feed my family hemp seeds. I began modifying some old family recipes to include hemp seed foods. It soon became our family business.
Better Option Foods means EVERY ingredient matters.

We know the best tasting varieties of hemp seeds and we use only North American grown hemp. All our ingredients have been carefully selected and sourced, right down to the mineralized salt and low sodium baking powder. You’ll not only taste the difference, you’ll feel the difference.

Hemp seed are not only healthy; they support many dietary choices and needs. They fit vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, Macro dieting and just plain ole eating. They’re super delicious and easy to include into daily eating.

Eating hemp seeds won’t make you high or cause you to fail a drug test. Hemp seeds are not a source of THC, CBD or other phytocannabinoids. They’re a seed food packed with nutrition and they’ve been legal to buy, sell and eat in the United States since 1998. A true Superfood!

With the planet facing food vs. people issues; the hemp plant deserves respect for its sustainability. Not only for nutrition; the hemp plant can provide renewable raw materials and non-toxic alternative to plastic, textiles, fuel, paper and building materials. The hemp plant sequesters carbon and out produces tree cellulose 4:1. Hemp cultivation can remediate and regenerate depleted, compacted soil.

Healthy People. Healthy Earth. Hemp can Help!

Good food and family go hand in hand. We value both. Take time to love, eat, and share a meal with family and friends. We hope you invite us to your table by choosing to enjoy our delicious and nutritious foods.

Laura and Joseph Noble
Eat Better Feel Better Look Better
Founders of L & J Enterprises, home of Better Option Foods

Our foods are blended and packaged in a certified gluten free facility in Ferndale, Michigan.