What Can Eating Hemp Seeds Do for Me

You can feel good knowing you’re eating an environmentally, earth friendly, plant-based protein. The growing and harvesting of hemp seeds do not upset a delicate eco system or destroy our precious rain forests. Every part of the plant is useful and can provide renewable raw materials for many products we use daily; from plastic bags to building materials.

Hemp seeds are a complete plant based protein that carries 20-amino acids. That’s more digestible protein than meat, fish, cheese, eggs or cow’s milk. A generous handful of hemp seeds will provide 10g to 15g of protein, plus numerous vitamins and minerals. Ounce per ounce, hemp seeds are one of the most nutrient dense foods’ to eat; making for an excellent eating choice. Healthy people. Healthy earth.

Did you know that by not eating enough good fats, your body will retaliate and actually become fat? That’s right! And not all fats are created equal. Hemp seeds are abundant with omega’s (the good fats) that give us energy; the perfect balance of the essential fatty acids we need. Fatty acids play a key role in heart and skin health, cognitive function, and obesity prevention. Meaning hemp seeds can help fight fatigue, poor memory, dry skin, poor circulation, heart problems, mood swings and depression.

Magnesium! It’s not widely known that most people don’t get enough magnesium in their diet. This very important mineral is a cofactor molecule that aids in more than 600 reactions in body function, from heartbeat to muscle movement; to converting food into energy and regulating neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your brain and nervous system. Every cell in our body contains magnesium and needs it to function. There are many studies that indicate the lack of magnesium can be the root of many diseases.

Hemp seeds are a super-duper source of magnesium. Plus the magnesium is piggy-backing on the abundant supply of additional vitamins and mineral, which all work together helping our body to take it all in.

Hemp seeds are not only gluten free, they’re an anti-inflammatory food! Inflammation is associated with many diseases. Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis; cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure and heart disease; gastrointestinal disorders like inflammatory bowel disease. It’s no secret today that we need to seek out foods that are anti-inflammatory. Chronic inflammation is involved in the disease process of Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancers and type 2 diabetes. If you have a condition like rheumatoid arthritis, I’m not making claim hemp seeds are a magic cure, but their nutrition may help to lessen flair-ups giving you a better quality of life.

The carbohydrate controversy: Listen up people and Keto fans, we need carbohydrates! Just like fats, there are good carbs and bad carbs (bad being the unhealthy refined simple sugar ones). Carbohydrates are very important for brain and body function; and are a source of energy, including being a primary fuel source for our brain’s high energy demand. Our brain communicates with our gut. Gut bacteria is associated with mood and mental disorders. Eating whole hemp seeds will provides you with needed complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates – the good carbs associated with fiber, can increase healthy gut bacteria and whole hemp seeds provide an excellent source of fiber! Fibers not only helps to satisfy hunger and helps you to feel full, but it’s also essential for digestive health and helping regulate blood sugar.

What Eating Hemp Seeds Did For Me

Upon discovering hemp seed nutrition in 2008, they became a stable food in our household. Within a couple months of eating them regularly, I realized I had lost my craving for sweets and junk food. I even dropped a few pounds, which in those days; my weight was a struggle for me. My energy level increased and I had less muscle fatigue. I found I had less joint pain, especially in my hand; and my skin looked and felt better.

I was so impressed with what hemp seeds did for my family and me; in 2010 I began a gluten free, plant based protein food packaging business focused on using hemp seeds as the main ingredient. Fast forward to 2022; we made the decision to re-brand our products to Better Option Foods in effort to help people understand what hemp seed foods are all about.

What Customers Have Shared With Us Over the Years

Customers over the years have shared with us the healthful, helpful benefits they experience when they ate hemp seeds. Diabetics let us know how they were able to regulate their blood sugar by eating hemp seeds and in some cases, were able to successfully stop taking insulin. People suffering with leg pain and night cramps from restless leg syndrome found incorporating hemp seeds in their daily diet brought about relief. Individuals who were not able to tolerate gluten in their diet found a food that was not only gluten free, but had great nutrition and reduced inflammation in their gut. Many folks over the year have expressed that eating hemp seeds have helped them to lose weight and keep the weight off. I had one customer who claimed eating the whole hemp seeds, along with other dietary measures, helped him to lose in excess of 100 pounds!*

This is not some crazy phenomenon. What this all translates to is simple; the nutritional profile of hemp seeds is exceptional. When eating them you’re giving your body what it needs. They taste good. They’re easy to add to meals and snacks. You will not get high or fail a drug test from eating hemp seed foods. You will feel better because you are eating better.

(*These statements are not intended to give you medical advice. Do not stop taking any medication you may be prescribed that relates to any of the disorders we have mentioned in this post. This is for informational purposes. We are not making any claims of curing any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.)

The Challenges of Turning People on To Hemp Seed Foods

If hemp seeds are such an awesome food source, why do few people know about how super nutritious and great they are?

Prejudice and politics dice run deep. When medical marijuana and CBD hemp extract products hit the market a few years back, consumers and law makers became more confused about hemp seed food products. Disinformation spread. “Hemp” became a trigger word. Censorship took over. To make matters worse, producers of hemp seed food products were banned from advertising or sharing information on social media, which could help educate people. This challenge has continued. You’d think the nutritional profile of hemp seed would speak for itself. After all, hemp seeds carry more nutrition than chia, flax, sunflower or pumpkin seeds. But blind eyes, special interests, and ignorance tend to rule.

To add to this injustice, until recently, many universities and colleges were not allowed to teach about hemp seed nutrition, hemp cultivation and the benefits of hemp due to outdated laws from the 1930’s and then additional laws in the 1970’s, which misclassified industrial hemp as a “drug”. Hemp is not a drug. Hemp is an agricultural commodity that has been cultivated for thousands of years, for not only food, but fiber, fuel, energy, textiles, medicine and more.

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Be assured, we only use sweet tasting, North American grown hemp seeds. Buy Better Option Foods brand, you’ll taste the difference!


What do hemp seeds taste like?

Hemp seeds have a mild nutty flavor.

Will I get high from eating hemp seeds?

NO. You will not get high from eating hemp seeds.

Will I fail a drug test from eating hemp seeds?

NO. You will not fail a drug test if you eat hemp seeds. Hemp seeds do not have THC, CBD or other phytocannabinoids.

What is the difference in hemp hearts vs whole hemp seeds?

Hemp hearts are the inside of the hemp seeds. The outside hull has been removed and the inside of the seed remains. This soft center is enjoyable to eat right out of the bag, or added to most anything. They’re a great addition to a smoothie, salads, dips and more.

The whole hemp seed contains the outer hull. It has a crunchy texture and is an excellent source of fiber, which provides a complex carbohydrate that can serve great health benefits. The whole seeds make for a crunchy snack right out of the bag and are great on salads, oatmeal, yogurt and baked goods.

What color is hemp flour?

Better Option Foods Hemp Flour is a light green color. We do not bleach the flour. Hemp flour is an excellent choice for gluten free baking.

What does hemp flour taste like?

Hemp flour has a mild nutty flavor.

What color is Better Option Foods hemp protein powder?

Hemp Protein Powder is green in color. We do not bleach the powder.

What does hemp protein powder taste like?

Hemp protein powder has a mild nutty flavor. One ingredient, 20-amino acids straight from Mother Nature. Hemp protein is free of whey, dairy, soy, nuts, and gluten.

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